Meditation Instructions

At the beginning of each week, you will receive an email with 5 links to recorded meditations. These are your 5 meditations for the week. Each is roughly 30 minutes in length. You can stream them from our private SoundCloud page, or download them. You can also find all of the previous week's meditations on the main meditations page. Each blog style post will have 5 links per week, the same as in your email. Each blog style post will also allow you to post comments. Simply click on the title of the post, which acts as a hyperlink to that individual blog post.

Please listen to these recordings according to their label: Day 1 should be listened to today, January 25 (or tomorrow, Jan 26, if you do not wish to begin this evening); Day 2 the following day, and so on. If you miss a day, it is okay, but do try to get to it the following day so you do not fall behind. Listening to the meditations in order is crucial, because they will build on each other. 

If you struggle to find a solid 30 minute block of time one day to complete the meditation, you can break it into two 15 minute blocks for that day, though try to avoid making a habit of it, as our meditations are designed to be listened to in one chunk. 

Let's get meditating!