Group Meeting: Belief and Self Confidence


On March 12, 2016, we invited a group of our select golfers to meet with Erik and discuss a concept new to our experiment: belief. In this video, Erik explains the importance of self confidence, and introduces a creative tool he made to remind himself to never stop believing. You can also listen to feedback from participants about their struggles and improvements as we continue through the experiment.

From timecodes 38:38 to 56:03, is a guided meditation. Participants were asked to lead their own counting exercise before Erik guided them through a brief meditation centered on belief and self confidence. Please feel free to meditate with Erik's guidance from the video.

Though it is not required, we encourage all participants to make a vision board. You can watch Erik debut his vision board at timecode 1:16:45. 

This video is only available to participants and therefore requires a password. If you have not received the password in an email, please contact