What: December 5 group meeting. We want to get to know each golfer as best we can before starting the official experiment on January 5, so we can sort people into one of the three following groups:

  • Group A) 10-15 of the most dedicated, local to Los Angeles, excited-to-be-on-camera golfers you ever met! These people are golfers who play every week competitively, hold regular handicap scores, and wish to include golf as a part of their life for years to come. We will be tracking these players closely and filming regularly. This group will be asked to attend meetings and interviews, fill out weekly questionnaires, and use focus training and shot tracking equipment.

  • Group B) People who are just as excited to participate, but may be slightly less committed and/or not local. These people will have fewer handicap scores, a slightly higher handicap, and will not be followed closely on camera. We will still be in contact with and just as interested in your personal results.

  • Group C) People all around the world who want to take part!

When & Where: This event will likely start at 9am near downtown LA. You will receive an email with final event information (i.e. address, time, parking, what to bring, etc.) the week of December 1.  


Please fill out the form below.

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Golf Handicap and Information Network
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Please note that space is limited. We ask you not to bring anyone unless necessary. Minors bring 1 parent.
1 least dedicated, 10 most dedicated
1 least dedicated, 10 most dedicated
1 least dedicated, 10 most dedicated
Ex: Rounds that have collapsed down the stretch when chasing a score. Hitting the ball great on the range but failing to carry those shots over to the course. Shooting a low round one day and a blow out round the next. Letting your playing partners habits affect your own game.
Group A, B, or C?
You must bring this completed release form with you to the December 5 event.