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If you are ready to submit your video, please scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Now that we have some basic information about you, we want to get to know you! We're asking everyone to show us a bit of their personality. Grab a friend or family member and have them take a video of you. Then, submit your video to us with a few fun facts about yourself! See below for suggestions. 


In your video, please tell us your name, why you want to be in this study, and why you love golf. You can make this video at home, or if you want to show us your swing, you can shoot at the course. Remember to have fun with it! We want to get to really know you through this short video submission, so show us as much personality as you can. If you need some guidance, watch our production assistant's example video to the right. As you will see, you don't need to make any fancy edits, and you can be yourself. Please try to stay under two minutes, and submit your videos as soon as you get the opportunity. 

about you

In addition to your video, please write a little bit about yourself, but remember to let your personality shine through. We aren't looking for your favorite color or the name of the street you live on. We want to know the good stuff, like: What makes you laugh so hard milk comes out of your nose? What baked goods could you eat 1,000 of in one sitting? What are your hopes and dreams? Anything that makes you who you are. See an example below:

This is my video application for Be the Ball! I'm BEYOND excited at the prospect that I may be able to participate in this study. My name is Mia, I'm 22, and I'm about to wow you with my awesomeness!
When I'm not working for one of the coolest production companies in town or practicing my swing, you can usually find me curled up with an episode of Parks and Rec. I might also be baking the DOPEST cheesecake you ever tasted, singing (squawking?) along in my car to some alt rock, or exploring the neighborhood for a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio. 
I hope you choose me to join this research because I know I have what it takes to be the next Michelle Wie, but I could use your help to get there. Thanks Be the Ball, and I'll see you on the green!

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If you created a link to your video, you can submit it below. If not, email the video directly to, and don't forget to include a little bit about yourself. Thanks!

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Have fun!